Domains extension options for eCommerce sitesWhen planning on launching an eCommerce website, people have to think about different things including the selection of proper domains extension option. Most of them think that a .com extension is the best option in any case. The fact is that there is no universal answer to this question. Some experts think that people should try to modify the domain name they want to use in case it’s not available and use a .com extension no matter what. On the other hand, another group of experts says that if the domain name is already taken with the .com version, they can always use another domains extension. So, what should we do?

First of all, the so-called commercial domain names, the ones that end with .com as their domains extension, are the most used extensions today. To be honest, literally, every business owner is trying to get a good .com domain name. They are thinking about other domains extension option only if the .com option is unavailable. Numerous studies have confirmed that Internet users believe that commercial domains are more trustworthy and reliable. This is not true because the extension doesn’t have anything to do with reliability. But, still, since we can’t change their mind, it would be wise to try the .com option.

When selecting a domain name with a .com extension we should remember that the simplest and most attractive names are already taken. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make a perfect eCommerce website with a different extension.

First of all, there is the .net extension. This extension represents the word network. Although in most cases this extension is used by Internet providers. Software developers and web hosting companies, you should feel free to use it for your eCommerce website especially if it is related to technology. There are many popular websites with a .net domains extension.

Another good option you have is to use the .biz domains extension. It is obvious that this extension was created for businesses. Instead of focusing on .com you should check the options you have with a .biz extension for your eCommerce website.

Finally, you can try .org, an extension that is almost 30 years old and used primarily by organizations. Ideally, you should use it only if you are building an eCommerce website for a certain organization.

Hopefully, this blog post will clear all your dilemmas about the domains extension options for eCommerce websites.