The ideal domains extension for search engine successWe have all seen examples like this. People are designing websites, registering domain names and choosing hosting, hoping for the best, but their new website fails to provide results. Despite their enthusiasm, they didn’t make a plan about one very important question – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a very complex set of activities that include different elements. One of these elements is domains extensions. But, does it really matter what kind of domain extension you will select for your website? Will it have an impact on SEO?

The short answer to these questions is no. As a matter of fact, many experts claim that search engines do not prefer websites based on the domains extensions they use. If every other element is the same, the search engine won’t rank a website higher just because it ends in .com or .org or .biz. Yet, most website owners believe that extension will provide better results. However, there is no evidence that their beliefs are true.

In addition, even a .info domain extension can provide similar results as .com extension. Many future website owners think that websites with these extensions are not successful because they can’t see many websites like this. But, that’s the catch. Most people avoid them because they think that having .com is better for web traffic. This is a never-ending cycle that we should probably break by buying more non-dot-com domain names.

It is important to understand that there is one type of domain extension that can have an impact on search engine optimization and that’s country domain extensions. For instance, will rank better in Canada, but it will fail in international searches. This is true for all domain extensions like this.

If we take all these things into account, the same question remains – what is the ideal domains extension for your website? We can freely say that there is no ideal solution for SEO, but if we take other factors into consideration we will recommend .com. This is a popular extension that is easy to remember. In case you want to avoid any confusion, it would be even better to buy all the popular domains extensions for the same domain name like .com, .net, .info and .biz.

We hope that this article about domains extensions will help you understand the impact they have on SEO and on online success in general.